Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law Seeks to Limit Racial Profiling

After the Arizona governor signed the immigration law last week that seemed to sanction "legalized racial profiling," lawmakers revised the measure "to require scrutiny only of people who police stop, detain, or arrest." ("Arizona Lawmakers Modify Immigration Law" - Los Angeles Times, April 30, 2010). Legislators also prohibited race from the being the only reason to suspect someone was an illegal alien.

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Immigration book coverImmigration edited by Debra A. Miller - Greenhaven/Gale Cengage, 2010.
call number: 325.73 Imm (in processing)
The book covers such topics as "Are Illegal Immigrants Treated Fairly?" and "How Should U.S. Immigration Policy Be Reformed?" - table of contents excerpt

Imaginary Lines book coverImaginary lines: Border Enforcement and the Origins of Undocumented Immigration, 1882-1930 by Patrick Ettinger - University of Texas, 2009.
call number: 325.73 Ett
"Historian Patrick Ettinger offers the first comprehensive historical study of evolving border enforcement efforts on American land borders at the turn of the twentieth century. He traces the origins of widespread immigrant smuggling and illicit entry on the northern and southern United States borders at a time when English, Irish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Lebanese, Japanese, Greek, and, later, Mexican migrants created various "backdoors" into the United States." - book summary excerpt

Border Games book coverBorder Games: Policing the U.S.-Mexico Divide by Peter Andreas - Cornell University, 2009.
call number: 363.45 And
"The book covers such topics as "Creating the Clandestine Side of the Border Economy and The Escalation of Immigration Control." - table of contents excerpt

Illegal People book coverIllegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants by David Bacon - Beacon, 2008.
call number: 331.62 Bac
"The whole process that creates migrants is scarcely considered in the U.S. immigration debate, argues Bacon, who posits that displacement and migration are two perennially necessary ingredients of capitalist growth. In mapping the political economy of migration, with an unwavering eye on the rights and dignity of working people, Bacon offers an invaluable corrective to America's hobbled discourse on immigration and a spur to genuine, creative action." - Publishers Weekly review excerpt

Underground America book coverUnderground America: Narratives of Undocumented Lives edited by Peter Orner - McSweeney's Books, 2008.
call number: 304.873 Und
"McSweeney's Voices of Witness series continues (following Voices of the Storm and Surviving Justice) with this collection of oral histories from undocumented immigrants . . .Culled from new interviews, the book's 24 subjects come from around the world (Mexico, China, South Africa, Colombia, Cameroon and others), each offering a vivid, personal, often wrenching and occasionally enraging first-person look into the immigrant experience." - Publishers Weekly review excerpt