Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marijuana Legalization in Two States Conflicts with Federal Laws

Since Colorado and Washington voters cast ballots in favor of legal marijuana sales including recreational use, the federal government is primed to combat the issue with lawsuits since the U.S. prohibits this type of drug sale ("How Will Feds Deal with Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington?The Christian Science Monitor, November 12, 2012). The Justice Department is watching how the states will develop the framework for licensing, regulating, and taxing marijuana commerce. Those interests making money off marijuana sales will find the federal spotlight on them rather than individual users of the drug.

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Marijuana book coverMarijuana edited by Noah Berlatsky - Greenhaven, 2012. call number: 362.295 Mar
Includes discussion of such topics as "Is marijuana harmful? -- Are there medical benefits to using marijuana? -- Should medical marijuana be legalized? -- Should recreational marijuana be legalized?" - table of contents excerpt

Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed book cover Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed And What We Can Do About It [Electronic Resource]: A Judicial Indictment of the War On Drugs by James P. Gray - Temple University, 2012.
call number: EBSCO eBook Collection
Note: Login with your Lone Star College ID/library card barcode number to view the eBook off campus. "Gray, a California Superior Court justice, . . .effectively documents a growing coalition of often conservative lawyers, legislators and justices who view the drug war's impotent dream of national abstinence as folly and its shadow effects (from imprisonment of nonviolent offenders to diversion of law enforcement resources) as dangers to liberty. . . The sensible passion of Gray's conclusions will make this a crucial reference for those politicians, voters, activists and law enforcement agencies seeking to reform established policy." - Publishers Weekly review excerpt

Marijuana: A Chronic History
A & E Television Networks, 2011. call number: DVD Collection 362.295 Mar
"Looks at the history of marijuana in America, particularly its medicinal purposes and legalization. Includes interviews with experts and celebrities on both sides of the debate." - production summary