Monday, June 9, 2008

Salmonella Outbreak - Why Is Food Contaminated?

Salmonella contamination hit an estimated 145-150 people in 16 states including Texas and the culprit appears to be uncooked tomatoes according to a June 8, 2008 USA Today story. Other news this year related to listeria, E. Coli, and mercury caused widespread alarm about the safety of the food supply. Food irradiation or submitting food to "high-energy gamma or electron beams to disrupt the DNA of pathogens" is seen as a way to increase the safety of the food supply, but concerns still exist about potential drawbacks to the practice. Take a look at some library titles related to food safety available now at LSC-CyFair Branch Library.

Click the title of a book, select the "Request" button in the listing, and enter your library card number and PIN for each title you want to reserve for pick up at the library. Call the library at 281-290-3218 to check your PIN if you do not remember it. Use these subject words to find more in the library catalog:
  • food safety
  • food law
  • food poisoning
  • food contamination
  • food-borne diseases
  • food adulteration
  • food irradiation

Salmonella book coverSalmonella by Danielle A. Brands - Chelsea House Publishers, 2006
call number: 615.952 Bra

Food Safety book coverFood Safety by Victoria Sherrow - Chelsea House, 2008
call number: 363.192 She

Threats to Food Safety book coverThreats to Food Safety by Fred C. Pampel - Facts On File, 2006
call number: 363.192 Pam

Death in the Pot book coverDeath in the Pot: The Impact of Food Poisoning on History by Morton Satin - Prometheus Books, 2007
call number: 614.5 Sat

Food book coverFood edited by Jan Grover - Greenhaven Press, 2008
(NOTE: Several chapters in the book cover food safety or irradiation.)
call number: 363.862 Foo

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