Monday, July 16, 2012

Anti-Doping Testing at the Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics in London will not only provide world-class sporting contests, but also a massive, non-stop anti-doping testing operation with over 1000 staff members including 150 scientists to check the existence of some 240 banned substances ("London 2012: Half of All Olympic Athletes to Be Tested for Drugs," Guardian (UK), July 16, 2012). Any athlete who earns a medal will be subject to testing.

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  • anabolic steroids
  • doping in sports
  • Olympics
  • performance-enhancing substances
Athletes and Steroids from the Films on Demand video database - Cambridge Educational, 2011.
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"Russia, East Germany, and other Eastern bloc countries introduced steroids to their athletes in the 1970s. Today, it is more difficult to detect the presence of anabolic steroids in the body. Many athletes use HGH in conjunction with steroids." - publishers summary

Steroids book coverSteroids: A New Look at Performance-Enhancing Drugs by Rob Beamish - Praeger, 2011
call number: 362.299 Bea
"Clearly written and highly accessible for all readers, this book addresses a pressing issue in professional and high-performance sport--the use of steroids--by placing it within the historical context of the ongoing desire to achieve the pinnacle of human sport." - publishers summary excerpt

The Complete Book of the Olympics book coverThe Complete Book of the Olympics by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky - Aurum Sport, 2012.
call number: 796.48 Wal
"With its mix of sport records, trivia, and colorful anecdotes, the text offers an encyclopedic guide to the event. The 27 modern Olympics have seen their share of political scandals, cheating, drugs, and other issues; an introductory overview provides a balanced discussion of these ups and downs." - Library Journal review excerpt

The Olympics book cover
The Olympics: The Basics by Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia - Routledge, 2012.
call number: 796.48 Mia
"This book explores the controversy and the legacy of the Olympics. This engaging, lively, and often challenging book is essential reading for newcomers to Olympic studies and offers new insights for Olympic scholars." - publishers summary excerpt

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